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Buy good quality Slag Dart low price at Wedge India ready stock. Slag darts, also known as Slag Arresting Dart, Slag Retention devices or slag arresters, are tools used in steelmaking processes to manage and control slag buildup in ladles and tundishes. Slag is a byproduct of the steelmaking process, consisting of impurities and non-metallic materials that need to be separated from the molten metal. Here's an overview of slag darts and their function:

  • Purpose:

    • Slag Control: Slag darts are designed to control and manage the buildup of slag on the surface of molten metal in ladles or tundishes. They help prevent excessive slag carryover during pouring, which can affect steel quality and process efficiency.
    • Temperature Regulation: Slag darts can also aid in regulating the temperature of the molten metal by absorbing excess heat and reducing heat loss through the slag layer.
  • Composition:

    • Refractory Material: Slag darts are typically made from high-quality refractory materials such as alumina, magnesia, or a combination of refractory oxides. These materials are chosen for their high temperature resistance and ability to withstand the harsh conditions inside ladles and tundishes.
    • Additives: Some slag dart compositions may include additives or fluxes to enhance their performance in slag control and temperature regulation.
  • Design and Shape:

    • Conical or Tapered Shape: Slag darts are often designed with a conical or tapered shape, allowing them to penetrate through the slag layer and reach the molten metal underneath.
    • Perforations or Channels: Some slag darts have perforations or channels along their length to facilitate gas escape and improve slag penetration.
  • Functionality:

    • Slag Penetration: When inserted into the molten metal, slag darts penetrate the slag layer and sink into the molten steel. This action helps break up and disperse the slag, preventing it from accumulating excessively.
    • Heat Absorption: Slag darts absorb excess heat from the molten metal and slag, which can help in controlling the temperature and maintaining the desired thermal conditions for steelmaking operations.
    • Fluxing Action: Depending on their composition, slag darts may also act as fluxing agents, promoting the removal of impurities from the molten metal.
  • Application:

    • Ladles: Slag darts are commonly used in steel ladles during refining and casting processes. They are inserted into the ladle through a slag door or opening to control slag buildup and improve steel quality.
    • Tundishes: In continuous casting operations, slag darts may be employed in tundishes to regulate slag levels and maintain a clean metal surface for continuous casting.

Overall, slag darts play a crucial role in steelmaking by assisting in slag control, temperature management, and ensuring the quality of the final steel product. Proper selection and use of slag darts contribute to efficient and effective steel production processes.

Slag Darts

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