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Low Price PVC LAMINATE FACING FOIL BACKING CEILING TILES. White Gypsum Tiles Pvc Laminated With Foil Back Thickness 7mm 595x595mm.


PVC Laminated gypsum ceiling tile using new technology and raw material processing quality and become, mainly reflected in the strict quality control procedures, PVC leather material quality, level of gypsum board,environmental protective glue.


Indoor decoration of super class buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls theaters, danceries, cinemas, stations, auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings, electronic workshops, precision apparatus rooms and industrial or residential buildings.


Safe, environmental, healthy, non-dust, noxious-free, moisture-proof, sunken proof, and easy clean. It is an economical, elegant, fashionable
The Red back PVC Gypsum Ceiling tile board is very popular in the Middle East,.
Front side faced with PVC fimls and partterns can be choosen and back side use the 172 replace the Aluminum film.

Popular Design

TOP have more than 100 designs, including white and colorful, if you want to know other designs, feel free to contact us any time.

The ceiling tiles are laminated with anti static PVC film on the front side and aluminum pet foil on the back side which gives the tiles superior, maintenance.

PVC Gypsum Ceiling Tile/ PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Vinyl Faced and Aluminum Foil Backing ; Transport Package. 8PCS/Carton ; Specification. 595*595*7mm.

PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles are strong and long-lasting. They are made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a PVC layer on the surface.

PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles vinyl faced and aluminum foil backing, US $ 0.8 - 0.86 / Square Meter, Shandong, Moisture-Proof, Soundproof, Waterproof.

PVC gypsum Ceiling tile are made up of Gypsum Plasterboards, PVC lamination on the face, and Aluminized Foils on the Back. It is Ideal.

PVC facingVinyl laminated gypsum tiles, exposed T-bar ceiling suspension system, Furring ceiling system.

Vinyl Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are made of incombustible Gypsum board, PVC Facing as well ass Aluminium Foil Backing, it is ideal indoor decorative materials.

PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling is made of an incombustible gypsum. The regular gypsum ceiling tiles which contains gypsum plaster - a high quality product that is free of any harmful substances, that fulfils all current international requirements.


The ceiling tiles are laminated with anti static PVC film on the front side and aluminum pet foil on the back side which gives the tiles superior, maintenance, free finish along with additional thermal insulation properties. It can be used in areas requiring clean, dust-free interior such as computer rooms, food processing electronics and pharmaceutical companies.


Face :  textured washable vinyl (PVC)

Available thickness : from 7mm to12mm


Available size : (customized sizes are also available)
595x595mm / 595x1195mm  
603x603mm / 603x1213mm


Multiple desings choices

Fire resistant

Easy cleaning

Safe and environmently healthy

Light reflection

Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation


The ceiling board has great thermal insulation and heat preservation. The suspended ceiling board with 100mm thickness is better in terms of heat preservation than normal brick wall. In the meantime, it has very good sound insulation.


Long Endurance in Use

The long service time ceiling board has a stable performance, acid and alkali resistance. In addition, it has no getting damp and there's no afraid of insects, which will ensure a super long endurance.


Low Shrinkage

It is made through advanced techniques like pressing by advanced components. The dry state shrinkage ration and expansion rate are well controlled and it's the best boards among all inorganic boards with respect to the performance.


Convenient for Construction

 It has good mechanical properties and able to be saw, shave, nailed without being warped or cracks.


PVC laminated gypsumc ceiling tile Material is Made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of pvc on surface and aluminum foil on back.


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