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Buy locally Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile Sound Absorbing Sheets in small or bulk quantity at very good Price. 


Mineral Fiber Ceiling Boards are excellent acoustic insulation and sound absorbing sheets. The advanced decorative material which has the features:

1. Decoration,

2. Sound absorption,

3. Fireproof,

4. Cold and heat Insualtion


Installation: Match with Ceiling T-bar.

Special color and design can be produced according to customer's request.


Products main parameter: mineral fiber board

1) Material: Wet-formed mineral fiber

2) Product Content: Mineral Fiber

3) Surface coating: hot solidification type emulsion paint of

4) Water content: ≤3%

5) Mold resistance

6) Fiber content: ≥90%

7) Thermal conductivity: <= 0.065W/mK

8) Sound absorption: EN20140-1994

9) NON-Asbestos

10) Density: 280-450kg/m3


Standard Thickness: 6.0MM, 7MM, 8MM, 9MM,10MM,11MM,12MM,14MM,15MM,18MM
Standard Sizes: 595*595MM, 600*600MM

Edge detail: square, tegular, concealed and shiplap

Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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