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Magnesia bricks, also known as magnesite bricks or magnesia-based bricks, are a type of refractory brick that are primarily composed of magnesia (magnesium oxide, MgO) as the main constituent. These bricks are widely used in high-temperature applications where excellent resistance to alkaline slags and thermal stability are required. Here's what you need to know about magnesia bricks:

  • Composition: Magnesia bricks are primarily composed of magnesia, which is a naturally occurring mineral. The purity of magnesia used in the bricks can vary, and it can be combined with small amounts of other additives or bonding agents depending on the specific requirements of the application.

  • High-temperature resistance: Magnesia bricks have excellent high-temperature resistance. They can withstand temperatures up to 1800°C (3272°F) or higher, depending on the purity and quality of the magnesia used.

  • Alkaline slag resistance: Magnesia bricks are highly resistant to alkaline slags, making them suitable for applications where they come into contact with molten metals, particularly in steelmaking and non-ferrous metal industries. They can withstand the corrosive effects of basic environments.

  • Thermal stability: Magnesia bricks exhibit good thermal stability, meaning they can withstand rapid heating and cooling without significant thermal expansion or contraction. This property helps to minimize the risk of thermal stress and cracking.

  • Low thermal conductivity: Magnesia bricks have relatively low thermal conductivity, which helps to reduce heat transfer through the brick. This property contributes to energy efficiency in high-temperature applications.

  • Application versatility: Magnesia bricks find applications in various industries, including steelmaking, cement, non-ferrous metals, glass, and petrochemicals. They are used in furnaces, kilns, ladles, converters, and other high-temperature equipment where resistance to alkaline slags and thermal stability are essential.

  • Maintenance considerations: Magnesia bricks can be sensitive to hydration, carbon dioxide (CO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). They may require proper storage, handling, and installation practices to maintain their performance and prevent degradation.

Magnesia bricks are valued for their high-temperature resistance, alkaline slag resistance, thermal stability, and low thermal conductivity. They are widely used in industries where they come into contact with molten metals and basic environments. Magnesia bricks play a critical role in providing durable and reliable refractory linings in high-temperature processes.


MGM Magnesia bricks are high performance and high temperature resistance, good slag resistance, strong corrosion resistance and steady volume in high temperature. 


Magnesia Brick is widely used in the permanent lining of steel furnace,lime kiln,glass kiln,ferroalloy furnace,mixer,non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, etc.



Part NumberMgO(%)CaO(%)SiO2(%)App.por(%)BD(g/cm³)CCS(Mpa)0.2Mpa    RUL°C
MGMHX-MZ90≥90  ≤20≥2.9≥50≥1500




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