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Kiln bricks, also known as refractory bricks or fire bricks, are specially designed bricks used in high-temperature applications such as kilns, furnaces, and fireplaces. They are made from refractory ceramic materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures without deforming, melting, or cracking.


Features and properties of kiln bricks:

  • High heat resistance: Kiln bricks are able to withstand temperatures ranging from several hundred degrees Celsius up to several thousand degrees Celsius, depending on the type of brick and its composition.

  • Insulation properties: Kiln bricks have excellent insulation properties, which means they can retain heat effectively and prevent heat loss from the kiln or furnace. This helps to maintain a stable temperature within the kiln and improves energy efficiency.

  • Low thermal conductivity: Kiln bricks have low thermal conductivity, which means they transfer heat slowly. This property allows them to act as a barrier, preventing the outer surface from becoming excessively hot while maintaining high temperatures within the kiln.

  • Chemical resistance: Kiln bricks are designed to resist chemical reactions and erosion caused by gases, acids, and other substances present during high-temperature processes. This property ensures the longevity and durability of the bricks under harsh conditions.

  • Structural strength: Kiln bricks are typically dense and durable, providing structural integrity to the kiln or furnace. They can withstand mechanical stress, such as the weight of the materials being processed and thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Various types: Kiln bricks come in different compositions and types to suit specific applications. Common types include fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, silica bricks, and insulating bricks. The choice of brick depends on factors such as the maximum temperature, the type of process, and the specific requirements of the kiln or furnace.

It's important to note that kiln bricks should be installed and used according to manufacturer guidelines and industry standards to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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