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Protect your building from fire with our rigid fire seals. Our intumescent fire door seals meet the highest safety standards and are ideal for fire-rated doors. Our fire seals are tested and certified to provide fire resistance and prevent the spread of smoke. Our self-adhesive intumescent fire door seal strips are easy to install and provide a tight seal around the door frame. We offer a range of intumescent fire and smoke seals that are suitable for surface-mounted or concealed applications. Our fire seals are available at a low price and are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Protect your property and ensure the safety of your occupants with our reliable fire seals.


Intumescent fire door seals are an essential component of fire-rated doors, providing protection against the spread of fire and smoke. These seals are designed to expand when exposed to high temperatures, effectively sealing gaps between the door and frame and helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Firestop intumescent fire and smoke seals, as well as intumescent fire and smoke seals, are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different types of doors and applications. The Intumescent Fire Seals Association provides information and guidance on the use of intumescent fire seals for fire-rated doors. Self-adhesive intumescent fire door seal strips are also available, providing a quick and easy way to install or replace intumescent fire door seals. It is important to note that intumescent seals are required for fire-rated doors to meet building codes and regulations. Without proper seals, a fire-rated door will not provide adequate protection in the event of a fire.



Product Advantage:

1) 30 times expantion.

2) The lower expansion 180to 200.

3) Co-extrusion to ensure the core material does not fall off.

4) “Certifire” approved by Warrington UK, BS EN 1634-1& BS476 20-22&3C&GB test reports.

5) Online printing logo and batch number on product.

Wedge Intumescent Fire Door seal is based on exfoliated graphite, it is used for fire door and window or any places to prevent fire, smoke & acoustic through out. Obtained both integrity and insulation rate as
required, keep your safety life.

Profile Size (mm)

10x4, 15x3, 15x4, 20x3, 20x4, 20x6, 20x9, 25x4, 25x6, 30x4, 30x6, 30x6.


  • Intumescent material covered with rigid box which enhances appearance and is available in different colours.
  • Easy installation with excellent adhesive tape
  • Co- extrusion , core material will do not drop down.

Intumescent rigid fire door seal

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