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Buy good quality CaSi, calcium silicon cored wire manufactured with high purity CaSi Powder at low price wedge India. W-CaSi is Wedge CaSi Cored wire W-CaSi is made by wrapping alloy powder in steel belt. Deoxidation, de-sulphurisation and inclusion modification are some of the essential features in secondary steel refining through injection of calcium alloy in the form of a cored wire.


For aluminum-silicon-killed steels, Calcium treatment by CaSi is normally more economic than by pure Calcium products. For the molten steel, calcium treatment is a must. Calcium is used to transform alumina into low melting point calcium-aluminates, avoiding nozzle clogging as well as to control the shape of oxide and sulfide inclusions. During the course of deoxidation and inclusion transformation, efficient calcium treatment plays a very critical role.


Main Features & Advantages:

Eliminate alumina nozzle clogging, spheroidize oxide and sulphide inclusions which increases the transverse toughness and strength of steel. Improve steel purity. With its strong affinity for oxygen and sulfur, Calcium is also used as a side effect for deoxydation and desulfurization. It forms CaO first, followed by oxysulfides and finally sulfides CaSi.


· The metal powder is firm and the wire is seamless.

· Adjust and control the active metal and the content of microelement.

· Stable of the alloy performance function, reducing steelmaking cost.

· Improve the mechanical property.

· Injection to facilitate the operation and reduce the operation cost.


For More Details please download Technical Data Sheet

Technical Specification:

Quality W-CaSi9W-CaSi13W-CaSi16
Diameter of Wiremm913.616.8
Filling Rateg/m90240370
Ca%30 - 4030 - 4030 - 40
Si%60 - 7060 - 7060 - 70
Coil Vertical Details
Coil WeightMT222
OD : 1100 mmmm110011001100
Width / Heightmm107210721072
Powder Weightg/m238238238
PackingAs per customer requirement. Both type Vertical & Horizontal With steel strip bundled on metal pallet.

CaSi Cored Wire, Calcium Silicon Alloy

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