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Buy high performance Alumina magnesia carbon (AMC) refractory bricks increase steel ladle campaign life by 30% at low price. 


Alumina magnesia carbon (AMC) refractory bricks are a type of composite refractory material used in high-temperature applications such as steelmaking ladles, converters, and ladle slag lines. They are composed of alumina (Al2O3), magnesia (MgO), and carbon (C) as key components, along with various additives to enhance performance. Here are the main features and properties of alumina magnesia carbon refractory bricks:

  • Composition:

    • Alumina (Al2O3): Provides high-temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and resistance to slag erosion.
    • Magnesia (MgO): Enhances basic slag resistance, thermal shock resistance, and high-temperature stability.
    • Carbon (C): Improves thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, and mechanical strength.
    • Additives: Various additives such as antioxidants, binders, and fillers may be included to optimize properties like corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and mechanical behavior.
  • High Temperature Resistance:

    • AMC bricks can withstand temperatures ranging from 1500°C to 1800°C (2732°F to 3272°F) encountered in steelmaking and other high-temperature processes without significant degradation.
  • Thermal Shock Resistance:

    • The combined presence of magnesia and carbon improves the refractory's ability to resist thermal shock, which is crucial in applications where rapid temperature changes occur.
  • Slag Resistance:

    • The magnesia content enhances resistance to basic slag corrosion, which is common in steelmaking environments. This property helps extend the service life of the refractory lining.
  • Chemical Inertness:

    • AMC refractory bricks exhibit good chemical inertness against various slags, alkalis, and metal oxides present in high-temperature environments, reducing the risk of chemical attack and erosion.
  • Mechanical Strength:

    • These bricks have adequate mechanical strength to withstand mechanical stresses such as ladle handling, thermal expansion, and contraction during furnace operation.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity:

    • The refractories have low thermal conductivity, which helps conserve heat within the furnace and maintain uniform temperature distribution.
  • Applications:

    • AMC refractory bricks are commonly used in steelmaking ladles, converters, ladle slag lines, and other areas where resistance to high temperatures, slag erosion, thermal shock, and mechanical wear is required.
  • Refractory Lining Design:

    • AMC bricks are part of a multi-layered refractory lining system designed to optimize performance, energy efficiency, and longevity in high-temperature industrial processes.

Overall, alumina magnesia carbon refractory bricks offer a balanced combination of thermal resistance, slag resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical inertness, and mechanical strength, making them suitable for demanding applications in steelmaking and other industries.


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