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Low price INR 512 / pc Alumina bubble bricks are a type of refractory brick made from bubble alumina. These bricks are designed for use in high-temperature environments where excellent thermal insulation and resistance to heat are essential.


Quality Grade: Wedge BAB-14

Price of Bubble Alumina Bubble Brick = 512 INR / Pc (FOB Shanghai)

Size: 230 X 114 X 65 mm

Density = 1500 Kg/M3


Alumina bubble bricks have a unique structure due to the presence of hollow spheres or bubbles within the material, which contributes to their low density and high insulating properties.

Here are some key features and uses of alumina bubble bricks:

  • Insulating Properties: Alumina bubble bricks are known for their low thermal conductivity, providing effective insulation in high-temperature applications. The closed-cell structure of the bubble alumina contributes to this insulation.

  • High Temperature Resistance: These bricks can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for use in industries with extreme heat conditions, such as steelmaking, glass manufacturing, and other high-temperature processes.

  • Lightweight: The low density of alumina bubble bricks makes them lightweight, which can be advantageous in applications where weight is a concern, such as in the construction of lightweight furnace linings.

  • Reduced Heat Loss: Due to their insulating properties, these bricks help minimize heat loss in industrial processes, contributing to energy efficiency.

  • Thermal Shock Resistance: Alumina bubble bricks generally exhibit good thermal shock resistance, allowing them to withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking.

  • Chemical Inertness: Like bubble alumina, alumina bubble bricks are chemically inert, providing resistance to corrosive environments.

  • Applications: Alumina bubble bricks find applications in various high-temperature industries, including but not limited to iron and steel production, non-ferrous metal processing, ceramic kilns, and other thermal processing units.

These bricks are often used to line furnaces, kilns, and other equipment where high temperatures are encountered. The insulating properties of alumina bubble bricks help improve the overall efficiency of industrial processes by minimizing heat transfer and reducing energy consumption.


High Purity bubble alumina insulation brick High Strength hollow insulation brick 99 alumina bubble. Bubble alumina brick is a new type of high temperature insulation material. It is made by melting and blowing industrial alumina in electric furnace. With alumina bubble as the main part, it can be made into various shapes of products with a maximum operating temperature of 1800ºC.

The mechanical strength of these products is high, several times that of general lightweight products, while the bulk density is only one-half that of corundum products.

Bubble alumina brick is widely used in petrochemical industry gasification furnace, carbon black industry reaction furnace, metallurgical industry induction furnace and other high temperature, ultra-high temperature kilns, and achieved very good energy-saving effect.

Application of Alumina Bubble Brick:
It is widely used in the partition wall of carbonization chamber, firing chamber of coke oven, heat regenerator chamber of steelmaking open hearth furnace, slag pocket, soaking pit furnace, glass melting furnace, arch crown and other weight bearing area of ceramic kilns.


Technical Specifications of Wedge Alumina Bubble Bricks:

ItemsWedge BAB12Wedge BAB14Wedge BAB16
Al2O3, %≥98≥98≥98
SiO2, %≤1≤1≤1
Fe2O3, %≤0.7≤0.7≤0.7
Refractoriness under load, ºC≥1790≥1790≥1790
Refractoriness under load, 0.1MPa, ºC≥1600≥1600≥1600
Bulk density, g/cm3, ≤
True porosity, %, ≥626058
Cold crushing strength, MPa, ≥31012
Thermal Conductivity, 1100ºC, W.(m.k), ≤0.931.041.16



Bubble Alumina Bubble Brick for High Temperature Insulation

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