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Looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your acoustic fire seal needs? At Fire and Acoustic Seals, we offer a range of acoustic seals for fire doors, including fire & acoustic seals and fire and acoustic seals fire door foam. Our products are designed to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring maximum protection and safety. Our acoustic fire seals are the perfect solution for maintaining acoustic performance while preventing the spread of fire. We understand the importance of affordability, which is why we offer our products at a low price without compromising on quality. Trust Fire and Acoustic Seals for all your acoustic seal needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and ensure your building is both safe and sound.

Fire acoustic seals are specialized products designed to provide both fire protection and sound insulation. They are commonly used in buildings such as hotels, hospitals, and schools, where both fire safety and noise reduction are important considerations. Acoustic fire seals, also known as fire and acoustic seals, can be installed in various locations around door frames and other openings to create a complete fire and acoustic barrier. These seals are typically made from a combination of intumescent and acoustic materials, which expand when exposed to heat and absorb sound, respectively. Products such as acoustic fire door seals, acoustic seals for fire doors, and fire and acoustic seals fire door foam all fall under the category of fire and acoustic seals. Manufacturers such as Fire and Acoustic Seals Ltd offer a range of products designed to meet specific requirements, and it is crucial to ensure that these products meet all relevant building codes and regulations to ensure the safety of building occupants. Overall, the use of fire acoustic seals can contribute to creating a safer and more comfortable environment in buildings.


Product Advantage:

1) Triplex-extrusion of core, case and rubber ensure rubber does not taken off.

2) Varies of special profiles are available for customers’ demands.

3) 30 times expension.

4) The lower expansion 180to 200.

5) Co-extrusion or Triple extrusion for intumescent, casing and flipper.

6) “Certifire” of Warrington , BS EN 1634-1 test report.

7) Online printing logo and batch number on product.

8) For fire & smoke seal, pile steady in position, cannot be moved.

9) laser print logo on product.

10) Totally not affected by water and damp

11) BS EN test report for 30’ 60’ and 120’ for wooden door and steel door.



Wedge Intumescent Fire Door seal is based on exfoliated graphite, it is used for fire door and window or any places to prevent fire, smoke & acoustic through out. Obtained both integrity and insulation rate as
required, keep your safety life.

Profile Size (mm)

10 x4 , 15x4, 20x 4, 20x 6, 25x 4, 25x 6 , 30x4, 38x4.


  • Instrumental material covered with rigid box which enhances appearance and is available in different colours
  • With rubber flipper, for sound insulation purpose. And also block smoke and hot gas through gap in early stage of fire.
  • Triple extrusion product with tearless flipper
  • Varies flipper for your choice.





Acoustic fire seal

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