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When referring to "95% rutile," it typically means that a sample or product contains a composition of 95% or higher rutile mineral. In the context of rutile sand, if a sample is labeled as "95% rutile," it suggests that 95% of the sand's composition is made up of rutile crystals (titanium dioxide, TiO2). The remaining 5% may consist of other minerals, impurities, or non-rutile components.

Here are some points related to a product or sample labeled as "95% rutile":

  • High Rutile Content: The designation "95% rutile" indicates a high concentration of rutile in the sample, which can be desirable for specific industrial applications that require pure or nearly pure rutile.

  • Quality and Purity: Products with a high percentage of rutile are often considered of higher quality and purity compared to those with lower rutile content. This is especially relevant in industries like pigment manufacturing, where pure rutile is preferred for producing high-quality titanium dioxide pigment.

  • Applications: A product containing 95% rutile may be used in various applications such as:

    • Manufacturing of high-grade titanium dioxide pigment for paints, coatings, plastics, and paper industries.
    • Production of advanced ceramics, refractory materials, and welding electrodes.
    • Utilization in optical elements, aerospace components, and semiconductor manufacturing due to rutile's unique properties.
  • Processing and Quality Control: Achieving a high rutile percentage in a product involves efficient mining, processing, and quality control measures. These processes ensure that impurities and non-rutile minerals are minimized or removed to enhance the purity and value of the final product.

  • Market Demand: Products with high rutile content are often sought after in markets where quality, performance, and purity are critical factors. The demand may come from industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, and specialty chemicals.

Overall, a product labeled as "95% rutile" signifies a high-quality material with a significant concentration of rutile mineral, suitable for a range of industrial applications that require the unique properties of rutile, such as its refractive index, UV resistance, and chemical stability.


Typical Specification

TiO2:95 % min Fe2O3:1 % max ZrO2:1 % max

95% Rutile Sand

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