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FirePro FP 900 fire resistant calcium silicate board 120 140 60 minutes suspended ceilings membrane partition wall door system BS 476: Part 22 certificate. FP-900 is an easy-to-install, clean and lightweight, non-combustible calcium silicate fire protection building board. FP-900 Fire Protection Board Class A1 · 18mm thick, approved for up to 240 minutes fire resistance.


FP 900 FirePro is an EN 13501-1: Class A1 non-combustible calcium silicate board. It has superior fire resistance performance and excellent dimensional stability. Suitable for use in a number of applications including internal walls, ceilings, floors and roofs, as well as service enclosures, ductwork and shaft walls. Board Width: 1.2mThickness: 9mm to 20mmBoard Length: 2.4m. 


FP900 FirePro is an eco-friendly high performance autoclaved calcium silicate board endorsed by third party accreditation bodies for green building product label. It does not contain any harmful substances or inorganic fibres and is free from formaldehyde and toxic emissions. It is robust and lightweight for use in fire resisting dry construction. The superior non-flammable nature of conforms to non-combustible when tested in accordance with EN 13501-1: Class A1, BS 476: Part 4, and AS 1530.1. These boards are capable of resisting fire attack up to 1200°C for 240 minutes when exposed to the heating condition of EN 1363-1. FP900 FirePro fire rated systems delivers passive fire protection to fire compartments, structures, ventilation ductworks, and building services facilities in buildings or civil engineering constructions according to British and European standards. Please consult Soben International for technical information and details of local equivalence.


Proven fire performance of the product and systems are backed by considerable number of fire testing and technical expertise in the design of systems and manufacture. Tested with CERTIFIRE of Warrington Certification Limited. CERTIFIRE is an independent third party certification scheme for manufacturer that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, it is an internationally respected mark of fire safety.


It is off-white in colour and has a smooth sanded surface on one side and a slightly textured reverse. It is made of fire resistant minerals and calcium silicate matrix reinforced with selected cellulose fibres and special fillers. The board has undergone a sophisticated process and then cured under an autoclaving process where high pressure and high temperature steam is induced to ensure its intrinsic fire resistant property and excellent dimensional stability, wherever is exposed to fire or humid environments.


Apart from fire resistance properties, it is also an ideal building board for use in construction where there is a need for resistance to damp or high humidity. It contains no water soluble additives and will not rot, degrade or deteriorate. Fibre reinforced calcium silicate matrix would absorb water causing some loss of strength, which is fully recovered on drying. Any staining on the board caused by leakage can be easily painted over. Moisture will not cause leaching or efflorescence and has no permanent effect.


It is simple to work with and easy to decorate. FP900 / FirePro is manufactured to Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001, Environmental Management System Certification ISO 14001, Hong Kong Green Label as well as Singapore Green Label.


Technical Specifications of FP900 Fire Pro Board

Short Term Service Temperature °C1200
Classification Temperature °C280
Density, Kg/M3900
Thermal conductivity, W/m.K 
20 °C0.17
100 °C 
200 °C 
Tensile Strength, Mpa 
Flexural Strength, Mpa06-Sep
Shrinkage % @ 400 °C, 24 h 
Compression Strength, Mpa12
Fire Rating for 10 mm thick board, Minutes240
Building material class Euro Class A1
Sizes, mm2440 x 1220
Thicknesses, mm6 – 30
Thickness Tolerances, for < 12 mm+/- 0.7
Water content, %6
Moisture Movement0.05

FirePro FP900 1000 Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Board

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