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 Industrial Raw Materials 

 Raw Materials for Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Glass Furnaces, Heavy Engineering, Petrochemical Industries 

Wedge India is fast growing multinational group company with strong manufacturing support bases in India, UK, Spain, and China specialised in Manufacturing & Supply of good quality products. Through its main business divisions Foods, Insulation, Building Improvement, Solar EnergyIndustrials Wedge india supplies Modern Building Materials, Food & Agri products, High Performance Insulation for both hot and cold applications. Our main Export markets are in more than 45 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia, including India, UK, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Algeria.

Heat Insulation Materials 

Producing & supplying good quality Insulation Products & Industrial Raw Materials for various applications from - 65 C to 1600 C.

Building Improvement

Manufacturing good quality modern building materials, home improvement products, and fire protection products.

Agriculture & Foods

Producing & offer good quality agri products, sugar, cotton, shellac, fruits & vegetable concentrates.

SPC / PVC / LVT Floor Tiles

Leading OEM manufacturer & exporter of SPC Floor Tiles, PVC Floor Coverings, Luxury Vinyl Floorings from India, Vietnam, China.

Industrial Raw Materials

Exporting & supplying good quality Industrial Raw Materials for Steel, Cement, Refractories, Glass, Ceramics, Aluminium manufacturing.

EPC / Furnaces / Machines

  • Heat treatment furnaces

  • Chemical-heat treatment

  • Continuous furnace with belt conveyor

  • Continuous furnace with roller conveyor

  • Carburising ​Shaft furnace

  • Nitriding ​Shaft furnace

  • Car-hearth furnace

  • Chamber heat treatment furnaces for Aluminum parts

  • Chamber heat treatment furnaces for Steel parts

  • Rotary hearth furnace

  • Bell furnace

  • Forging Furnace with direct gas & heat recovery

  • Preheating furnaces for dies

  • Direct heat treatment Furnaces

  • Gas heated melting aggregates – crucible, tilting

  • Gas heated melting aggregates – rotary

  • Induction furnaces

  • Holding crucible furnace

  • Annealing furnaces of precision casting molds

  • Molds preheating furnaces

  • Curing equipment- paternoster type furnace

  • Chamber drying furnace

  • Chamber kilns for porcelain

  • Chamber kilns for ceramics

  • Car-hearth kiln for porcelain and ceramics

  • Tunnel kilns for porcelain and ceramics

  • Continuous kiln for porcelain and ceramics

  • Continuous kiln with belt conveyor for glass cooling

  • Chamber kiln for glass cooling

  • Chamber tempering kiln for glass

  • Chamber kiln for glass decor firing

  • Tunnel kilns for bricks firing

  • Tunnel kilns for bricks drying


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