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Tundish gunning mix, also known as tundish repair mix or tundish coating mix, is a specialized refractory material used for repairing and coating the inner lining of tundishes in the steelmaking industry. Tundishes are intermediate vessels that hold and distribute molten steel from the ladle to the molds during continuous casting. Here's what you need to know about tundish gunning mix:

  • Purpose: The primary purpose of tundish gunning mix is to provide a protective and erosion-resistant lining in the tundish. It helps to extend the lifespan of the tundish by preventing the erosion and wear caused by the flow of molten steel and the injection of various additives.

  • Material composition: Tundish gunning mix is typically composed of high-quality refractory aggregates, binders, and additives. The exact composition may vary depending on the specific requirements of the tundish and the steelmaking process.

  • Application method: Tundish gunning mix is applied using a gunning machine, which uses compressed air to spray the refractory material onto the tundish lining. The mix is pneumatically conveyed through a hose to the application nozzle, where it is combined with water and propelled onto the surface.

  • Quick setting and hardening: Tundish gunning mix is designed to have a quick setting and hardening time, allowing for rapid repairs and minimal downtime during tundish maintenance. This enables the tundish to be brought back into operation as soon as possible.

  • Erosion resistance: Tundish gunning mix is formulated to have excellent erosion resistance, withstanding the abrasive action of the molten steel and the high flow rates during casting. It helps to maintain the integrity of the tundish lining and prevent the contamination of steel with eroded refractory particles.

  • Thermal insulation: Tundish gunning mix can provide thermal insulation to the tundish lining, reducing heat loss and maintaining the desired temperature of the molten steel. This is particularly important in cases where controlled cooling of the steel is required.

  • Refractory properties: Tundish gunning mix exhibits properties such as good adhesion, high strength, thermal shock resistance, and resistance to chemical reactions with molten steel and slag. These properties ensure the longevity and reliability of the tundish lining.

  • Repair and maintenance: Tundish gunning mix is used not only for the initial lining of new tundishes but also for repairs and maintenance of existing tundishes. It can be applied to areas that have experienced erosion, wear, or damage, restoring the refractory lining and extending the tundish's service life.

Tundish gunning mix plays a crucial role in maintaining the performance and durability of tundishes in the continuous casting process. Its ability to provide erosion resistance, thermal insulation, and quick repairs contributes to the efficiency and quality of steel production.


Buy low cost Tundish Gunning Mix produced with high quality magnesia and basic refractory raw material, binder and additive. It has higher corrosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance and can prolong the service life of tundish and is easy to remove its lining. It can be used by mechanical gunning and manual smearing on working site.


MgO       (%)     ≥708085
SiO2      (%)      ≤766
MOR(MPa) ≥110C×24h345
CS(MPa) ≥110C×24h51012

Tundish Gunning Mix

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