HVI-VIPs | High Vacuum Insulation Boards

Low Cost | Lowest Thickness | Highest Insulation

Buy low cost Vacuum Insulation Panels, Pipe Sections, and Boards for manufacturing Vacuum Flask, Cool Devices, Refrigerators and freezers, Zero Energy Building Insulation, Cold Storage, Logistics & Transport of Frozen Food, Vegetables, Zero Energy Doors Insulation, Cold Rooms, Organ transport devices at Wedge India.

VIBs (Vacuum Insulation Panels / Boards) are very high insulation boards manufactured with high quality microporous core encapsulated and vacuum sealed in impermeable high gas barrier film under vacuum. The core material is fire resistant fire class A1 noncombustible Fumed Silica board and an opacifier to block the infrared radiation. These boards are available in ready to use sizes only.


• Vacuum Flask, Cool Devices, Refrigerators and freezers

• Temperature controlled packaging or Thermal packaging (Medicine transport boxes, etc.)

• Appliance (Water boiler, etc.)

• Automotive (train, ship, airplanes, etc.)

• Building Insulation: Facades, Walls, Floor & Roof, Doors,

Windows Insulation, Cold storages, and cold rooms.



• Highest insulation material thermal conductivity < 0.005 W/mK.

• Lowest heat loss and highest barrier to heat penetration into cold environment.

• Lowest insulation thickness achieved resulting in increasing and saving space.

• High R-value (4.8 m2K/W per 20mm)

• Lightweight & thinnest insulation available

• Environmentally safe, contains no respirable fibres

• Very high service life upto 60 years.

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