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Buy low cost Vaccum Insulation Panels for Ice cream Cold Storage and cold boxes manufacturing at Wedge India. 


We offer high vacuum insulation panel with excellent insulating performance and barrier property developed from durable polyurethane vacuum insulation panel (PU-VIP) for suface damage protection upgrading from vacuum insulation panel based on fumed silica core material combined with polyurethane foam (PU).


Vacuum insulation panel based on microporous fumed silica core material, a new energy-efficient insulation material following the adiabatic principle for insulation, is a special composite made of core materials and protective layers.


It is integrated with the superiority of vacuum insulation and micro-pore heat insulation, effectively stopping convective heat transfer to perfect thermal insulation.Integrated with polyurethane foam, polyurethane vacuum insulation panel (PU-VIP) has an attractive design and perfect insulating performance.



1. Refrigerators,

2. Freezers

3. Wine coolers

4. Refrigerated trucks

5. Ice Cream Cold Storage and Transport


Technical Properties:

Material:Fumed Silica VIP+Polyurethane
Refractoriness:-70- 80 Celsius
Diameter:Any Diameter
Apparent Density:120 Kg/M3
Surface Treatment:Woven Roving
Usage:Ice Cream Refrigerator Freezer Cooler Insulated Box


Quality HVI-FSKW
Core Fumed Silica
Application Temperature- 100 to 60
Thermal Conductivity at 5℃W/mK0.0042
Thermal Conductivity at 10℃W/mK0.0045
Thermal Conductivity at 20℃W/mK0.0045
Thermal Conductivity at 35℃W/mK0.0045
R-Value for 25.4 mmm2.K/W6
R-Value for 1 inchhr-ft2-°F/Btu32
Compressive strengthMPa0.19
Insulation Performance High
Surface Colour Silver
Internal gas pressurembar 
Service LifeYears45


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Vaccum Insulation Panels for Ice cream Cold Storage

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