Intumescent Fire Door Seal Strips and Sheet

Fire doors are one of the most important components in ensuring safe exit, isolation of the fire and saving lives. However a fire door assembly must be made of fire rated components must be used as per tested designs. Intumescent strips are the most important fire rated component in a fire doors. It helps stopping smoke and fire from spreading from the gaps in the edges of door shutter & frame joints, locks, handles, etc.


Intumescent strip works by sealing around the edges of a fire door in the event of a fire. The edges of a door are one of the most vulnerable when fire strikes, so intumescent strip is extremely important. Two main types are available - Fire Only or Fire & Smoke. Fire & Smoke seal has a brush pile or rubber fins, and these also provide protection against smoke by creating a physical barrier between the fire door and the frame.


At Wedge, we specialise in supplying a comprehensive range of intumescent strips which are designed to make it quick and easy to increase the level of fire safety at your premises.


  • 30 years of Guarantee
  • Zero Halogens Intumescent Material
  • From 20:1 to 60:1 Extreme Expansion



  • Fire Doors Intumescent Strips Fire Rated Access Panel
  • Fire rated Composite Panels Intumescent Electrical Switch-box Fire Rated Air Transfer Grills
  • Fire Wrap for Pipe & Fire Collars Duct Fire Wrap


1. Rigid Intumescent Seal Strips

26:1 Free Expansion | Uni-directional expansion | Stable char structure

A rigid intumescent material with excellent pressure generation and expansion performance. It is suited to a wide range of applications including as a fire seal for door and glazing applications, ironmongery protection, cladding and rain-screen cavity fire barriers, construction joints and general gap sealing.


Made of halogen free graphite based intumescent material which produces a particularly stable and resilient insulating char structure during and after expansion.

Pressure generation expansion at 400°C is 16 Bar


Thickness (mm): 1.7 - 6.6
Types: Basic, Self-Adhesive, PVC Coated : B1, slowly combustible
Reaction to fire


2. Flexible Intumescent Seal Strips

20:1 Free Expansion | Highly flexible | Excellent char structure

It is a dark grey intumescent sheet which generates high expansion and pressure generation when exposed to fire or heat. It is suitable for applications such as door and glazing seals, door hardware and ironmongery protection, damper seals, gap sealing or a variety of
gasket applications.


It is highly flexible allowing it to be wrapped or folded to suit various applications but produces an excellent char structure helping to maintain integrity throughout the fire.

Pressure generation expansion at 400°C is 11 Bar.

Intumescent Fire Door Seal Strips & Sheet

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