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Fire Sleeve is ideal for protecting against high under bonnet temperatures which makes it perfect for use on hoses, wiring, oil and fuel lines. The Sleeve is made from woven insulated glass fibre braided sleeve that is heavily coated with 100% iron oxide silicone rubber.


The Sleeve can withstand up to 1650°C ambient heat and 560°C of direct continuous heat which makes it perfect for insulating wires, oil and fuel lines from under bonnet heat.

Size: The Sleeve diameter used can be same size as the hose that it will fit. For example if the hose is 10mm outside diameter use a 10mm inside diameter fire sleeve. The sleeve is flexible, it can give some slack in the Sleeve to allow it to be bent and installed/removed easily.


Key features:

  • Oil And Water Resistant
  • Can Be Shaped To Fit The Tightest Bends Includes Fire Tape To Seal Sleeve Ends
  • Glass Fiber Sleeve With Silicone Rubber Coating Perfect For Insulating Wires, Oil & Fuel Lines Protects Against Dirt And Road

Grime Withstands Up To 1650°C Ambient Heat Withstands560°C Of Direct Continuous Heat.

Fire Sleeve

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