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Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Boards


High Impact Resistance | Heat Insulation | Acoustic Insulation


Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Boards used for civil construction for high fire rated performance, such as partition, ceiling, ductwork, structural steel, E&M service enclosures, fire door, and external wall fire protection. Insulation material and framework compose the non-loading system.

Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Boards has perfect high temperature performance. It can stand the

temperature up to1200℃.

Its low thermal conductivity in both normal and high temperature improves the insulation performance for the construction; decreases the cost of the air-conditioning and heating.

The board can be left plain or easily finished by paints, wallpaper ect. It can be used in both new and old buildings.


Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Board is used for indoor partition and ceiling for civil and industrial



Fire Resistant Calcium Silicate Boards are tested in Exova Warrington fire according to BS 476.

Fireproof Calcium Silicate Boards

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