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Fire Fabric | Fire Resistant Fabric for Fire Curtains Cloths


Silicone coated heat resistant fiberglass insulation fire fabric. It’s heat, flame and weld spatter protection, designed to exceed industrial standards where resistance to moisture, sunlight, corona and hydraulic oils is needed. High temperature resistant fabric, constructed from a glass fiber base fabric, impregnated both sides with a specially compounded silicone rubber coating designed to shed heavy weld spatter and resist heat and occasional flame.

Advantage feature:

Moisture proof, Waterproof, Pollution prevention, Double flame retardant insulation, It has strong tensile strength and toughness.

Basis Performance:

  • Continuous working temperature: 560 °C

  • Highest instant exposure temperature: 1650°C

  • Fuse splash resistance: excellent

  • Fire proof: excellent

  • Wear resisting performance: excellent

  • Flexibility: excellent

  • Water proof oil resistance: outstanding

Fire Resistant Fabric

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