Steel Plant Raw Materials

At Steel Division of Wedge SSPL we manufacture and trade low cost high performance alumina & magnesia refractories, high purity ferro alloys, metals, high purity aluminium wire, CaSi cored wire, Zinc ingots, fused silica, silicon carbide, calcined petroleum coke, re-carburising carbon, backup insulation boards for ladle, tundish, torpedo ladle, blast furnace, coke oven, ladle furnace, electric arc furnace, AOD converters, basic oxygen furnace, rolling mill, lime kiln, ingot casting, foundries, induction furnaces etc.  

Wedge Refractories.png

Low Cost | High Performance

Expertise in manufacturing & sourcing of low cost and high performance alumina, silica, magnesia, carbon, dolomite, fire clay refractory bricks and Monolithics for steel plant .

Wedge Ladle Insulation Boards.png

Low Cost | High Purity | Quick Supply

We manufacture high strength, high insulation, low cost insulation boards for Steel Ladle, Tundish, Metal Ladle, Torpedo Ladle to reduce shell temperature by 80 C to 120 C.

Wedge Ferro Alloys1.png

Low cost | High purity | Bulk Delivery

With continuous quality improvement & cost reduction initiatives to produce and offer low cost & high purity ferro alloys and decarburising carbon products.

Wedge India Graphite Electrodes and Nipp

Low Cost | High Performance

Wedge we offer wide range electrode grades & nipples to help maximize your furnace performance to ensure smooth trouble free operation.

Wedge Aluminium Wire.png

Low Cost | High Purity | Quick Supply

Ensuring fast delivery, high purity, custom made packing and lower cost for Aluminium Wire Rod Coils, Ingots, Shots, briquettes, pyramids, and CaSi wire coil.