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SPC Floor Tiles | Luxury Vinyl Tiles

High Performance | Low Cost | Long Lasting

Wedge is Leading manufacturer of wide range Vinyl Flooring Tiles including Luxury Vinyl Tiles, SPC, PVC. Wedge offers low cost good quality Rigid SPC (Solid Polymer Core) 100% water resistant Floor Laminate Planks.


Compared to traditional WPC or laminate material, SPC is better at dimension stability, which is a very important characteristic for flooring material, especially suitable for places where temperature difference is huge.


It is 100% waterproof, not just water resistant, no water will get into the subfloor through the up-to-date I4F 2G click lock system. And with the pad attached, SPC flooring has great sound absorption performance.

Waterproof and Soundproof

Because the main material of SPC flooring is CaCO3 (stone powder), so it performs great when exposed to water, and mildew will not emerge in humid weather.


Fire Resistant

Most deaths in fire accidents are caused by smoke and toxic gases generated during burning. The fire rating of SPC flooring reaches NFPA CLASS B class. SPC flooring is flame retardant, it will automatically leave the flame out within 5 seconds, will not emit toxic gases which will take people's life.


Dimension Stability 

SPC flooring is better at dimension stability compared to traditional WPC or laminate material.


Scratch Resistant Super Anti-abrasion 

SPC flooring comes with a coat called wearlayer on top, which protects the flooring from scratch and impact.


Slip Resistant 

With the wear layer and the grain on top, SPC flooring is quite good at slip resistant. Compared with other floors, SPC flooring has higher friction when it's wet.

Wedge Luxury Vinyl Tiles LVT1
Wedge Luxury Vinyl Tiles LVT4
Wedge Luxury Vinyl Tiles LVT2
Wedge Luxury Vinyl Tiles LVT3
Wedge AS001 Anti Scratch LVT1
Wedge WP003 Light embossing SPC Tile4
Wedge AS001 Anti Scratch LVT3
Wedge AS001 Anti Scratch LVT4
Wedge WP003 Light embossing SPC Tile3
Wedge WP003 Light embossing SPC Tile1
Wedge WP003 Light embossing SPC Tile2
Grey SPC Vinyl Flooring2
Grey SPC Vinyl Flooring
Wedge SPC Designs
Wedge SPC Flooring
SPC Vinyle Floor Plank1