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Get low price Wedge MgO Boards 32 INR / SQF for 10 mm thcikness. Magnesium oxide (MgO) boards are a type of construction material that has gained popularity in various building applications. Here are some key aspects and features of MgO boards:

  • Composition:

    • MgO boards are made from magnesium oxide, which is derived from magnesium-rich minerals. The boards also contain other additives, such as fiberglass mesh, to enhance their strength and flexibility.
  • Properties:

    • Fire Resistance: MgO boards are highly fire-resistant, making them suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern. They are often used in fire-rated wall assemblies.
    • Mold Resistance: MgO boards are resistant to mold and mildew, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.
    • Water Resistance: While MgO boards are not entirely waterproof, they are more water-resistant than traditional gypsum-based drywall. Proper sealing and finishing are essential for enhanced water resistance.
  • Applications:

    • Interior Walls: MgO boards can be used as an alternative to traditional drywall for interior walls.
    • Exterior Walls: MgO boards are also used for exterior applications, providing durability and fire resistance. They may be used in combination with other materials in wall assemblies.
    • Ceilings: MgO boards can be used for ceilings, offering a fire-resistant and mold-resistant option.
    • Subflooring: MgO boards are used as subflooring material in certain applications.
  • Installation:

    • MgO boards are typically installed using standard construction techniques. They can be cut, drilled, and shaped with common tools.
    • Proper installation procedures, including framing and fastening, should be followed according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Finishing:

    • MgO boards can be finished with various coatings, such as paint or textured finishes, to achieve the desired appearance. The choice of finishing depends on the specific application.
  • Cost:

    • MgO boards may be more expensive than traditional drywall, but their properties, such as fire resistance and durability, can make them cost-effective in certain applications.
  • Strength and Durability:

    • MgO boards exhibit good strength and durability, making them suitable for load-bearing applications. They are resistant to impact and have a long lifespan when properly installed.
  • Thermal Performance:

    • MgO boards have moderate thermal insulation properties. In some cases, additional insulation materials may be needed for improved thermal performance.
  • Supplier and Quality:

    • It's important to source MgO boards from reputable suppliers to ensure product quality and compliance with relevant standards.

When considering MgO boards for a specific application, it's crucial to consult with building professionals, adhere to local building codes, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines for installation and usage.

MgO Board

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