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ladle shroud is a refractory component used in the steelmaking industry to protect the flow of molten steel from the ladle to the tundish during continuous casting processes. It serves several important functions:Controlling steel flow: The ladle shroud helps to regulate the flow of molten steel from the ladle to the tundish. It acts as a conduit, directing the steel and maintaining a consistent flow rate, which is crucial for achieving uniform casting and preventing disruptions in the continuous casting process.Protecting against oxidation and reoxidation: The ladle shroud creates a sealed pathway for the molten steel, protecting it from exposure to the atmosphere. This helps to prevent oxidation and reoxidation, which can negatively affect the quality and properties of the steel.Enhancing steel cleanliness: Ladle shrouds are often designed with flow modifiers or flow control mechanisms that help reduce turbulence and improve steel cleanliness. They minimize the chances of re-entrainment of non-metallic inclusions, promoting cleaner and higher-quality steel.Minimizing splashing and slag carryover: The design of ladle shrouds helps to minimize splashing and the carryover of slag particles into the tundish. This ensures that only clean molten steel enters the tundish, reducing the risk of clogging and maintaining the integrity of downstream equipment.Thermal insulation: Ladle shrouds are typically made of refractory materials with good thermal insulation properties. They help to maintain the temperature of the molten steel, minimizing heat loss during transfer and ensuring the desired casting temperature is maintained.Longevity and reliability: Ladle shrouds are subject to extreme temperatures, thermal cycling, and mechanical stress during operation. Therefore, they need to be made from high-quality refractory materials that offer excellent thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, and mechanical strength to ensure long-lasting performance.Ladle shrouds are an essential component in the continuous casting process, contributing to the efficiency, quality, and reliability of steel production. Their design and material selection play a critical role in maintaining controlled steel flow, preventing oxidation, enhancing cleanliness, and minimizing slag carryover.


Buy high performance low cost Ladle Shrouds. Ladle shrouds are used to connect the ladle and the tundish, they have the function that stable the steel slow state, prevent the steel liquid oxidated and splash, also they have the advantage of good thermal shock and slag resistance, conveniently operation, so that improve the woking environment.


BodySlag LineBodySlag Line
Al2O3 %


C+SiC %25153017
MgO %-75--
ZrO2 %----
Apparent Porosity %  ≤20192018
C.C.S. Mpa  ≥20182017
Modulus of Rupture Mpa  ≥6666
B.D.  g/cm³  ≥2.462.652.253.1

Ladle Shroud

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