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Low price 98 INR / kg, Bubble alumina is a lightweight, insulating refractory material that is produced by sintering special high-purity, high-alumina raw materials. The term "bubble" in bubble alumina refers to the characteristic closed-cell structure of the material, which consists of numerous hollow spheres or bubbles. These hollow spheres impart low thermal conductivity to the material, making it an excellent insulator.

MOQ = 25 MT

Key properties and characteristics of bubble alumina include:

  • Low Density: Bubble alumina is known for its low density, which makes it lightweight. This property is advantageous in applications where weight is a critical factor.

  • High Purity: It is typically produced from high-purity alumina, ensuring a material with excellent chemical stability and resistance to corrosion.

  • Thermal Insulation: The closed-cell structure of bubble alumina provides excellent thermal insulation properties. This makes it suitable for applications where thermal insulation is crucial, such as in the production of refractory bricks for high-temperature environments.

  • High Temperature Resistance: Bubble alumina exhibits good resistance to high temperatures, making it suitable for use in applications where exposure to extreme heat is a concern.

  • Refractory Applications: Due to its lightweight and insulating properties, bubble alumina is often used in refractory applications, such as in the production of lightweight refractory bricks, insulating castables, and other thermal insulation products for use in furnaces, kilns, and other high-temperature processes.

  • Thermal Shock Resistance: It possesses good thermal shock resistance, allowing it to withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or breaking.

  • Chemical Inertness: Bubble alumina is chemically inert, which means it is resistant to chemical reactions. This property makes it suitable for applications where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern.

The use of bubble alumina is widespread in industries where high-temperature insulation and refractory properties are required. Its lightweight nature and excellent insulating capabilities make it a valuable material in various applications within the metallurgical, petrochemical, and ceramics industries.


Technical Specifications Data for Bubble Alumina

Grade: Wedge HSBA99

Test Value
Packing Density0.4~1g/cm3
Main Phaseα-Al2O3


Taxes Included
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