Special Offers Products

Wedge India offers good quality products at special offer discounted low prices for large quantities manufactured at various factories in India, UK, Spain, France, Italy, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, and Taiwan origins for wide range of applications. Wedge is meeting demands of various markets through its 5 Business Divisions - Insulation, Industrial Raw Materials, Building Improvement, Steel, Energy, Agricultural and Food Products.

In addition to manufacturing wedge has excellent network of manufacturers and sourcing capabilities to ensure good quality products at very low price with-in shortest delivery time.

Wedge has excellent manufacturing base and sales network in more than 48 countries across world including in UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, India, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Poland.