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insulation spray foam garage door contractors rockwool

insulation spray foam garage door contractors rockwool

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R13 r19 r21 r30 r38 r49 best types of thermal heat insulation thickness r value chart insulated board materials store companies contractors. Get best Insulation materials for furnace spray foam home attic garage door kit rockwool board Insulated water bottle bags pipe blow in cellulose fiberglass batt roof sound proof wall window price diy r13 r19 r30 vermiculite ceiling elastomeric mineral wool duct glass. Wedge India is leading Insulation Materials, Products, and Systems manufacturer, contractor, importer, and exporter. Our product range includes thermal, acoustic, cryogenic good quality products at low cost board, foam, spray, pipe tubes for wall roof floor door green homes.

What is Insulation?

Insulation is a property of any material that explains the resistance to transfer or transmit any form of energy it could be sound, heat, electricity, fire, cooling, vibrations. In general term Insulation is used to describe material that creates barriers for transmission of electricity, heat, moisture, shock or sound.

What is thermal or heat Insulation?

Thermal insulation of any material (organic or inorganic) is the resistance to heat transfer or transmission. To understand insulation materials we need to understand the physics of heat transfer. Heat transfer can occur through conduction (solid & gaseous), convection and radiation. Usually the overall heat transfer comes from a combined effect of all of them. The driving force in this process is the temperature difference.

Heat insulating materials are products for the refractory lining of thermal industrial plants with the objective of reducing heat losses. Here the low thermal conductivity and the thermal capacity of air is used. Heat insulating materials usually have a total porosity of at least 45%, in practice

mostly from 60 to 90%, and in extreme cases up to 99%. Besides low thermal conductivity, high porosity causes reduced mechanical strength, high gas permeability and low corrosion resistance. The thermal conductivity not only depends on the total porosity of the material, but also on the pore size and shape, the structure composition and the mineralogical composition. Depending on temperature, the factors responsible for the flow of heat solid state conduction, convection and radiation vary in influence. Maximum pore diameters of < 1 mm are necessary. Wedge Micro Silica Aerogel Microporous FSMP insulating materials with pores < 0.1 μm have the lowest thermal conductivity. The thermal shock resistance of lightweight construction materials has a large influence on applications. High temperature wool products usually resist severe

thermal shocks. Other lightweight construction materials are sensitive to thermal shock.

The term “heat insulating bricks” covers those heat insulating materials which are applied up to 1000°C and which are often mistakenly referred to as rear insulation materials. These products are manufactured on the basis of naturally occurring lightweight raw materials (kieselguhr, vermiculite, perlite). They are assigned to the group of lightweight refractory bricks which are made out of refractory raw materials.


In furnaces and plants with low mechanical load and without corrosion stress, a design with lightweight heat insulating materials has almost completely eliminated heavy designs with dense, refractory materials. High temperature insulation technology must make economic use of the properties of insulation materials and systems, while observing the laws of physics and chemistry.

Benefits of Insulation | Why to use Insulation?

  • High Thermal Comfort in Homes

  • Energy Cost Reduction, Heat Loss Reduction, High Cold Storage Efficiency

  • Home and factory buildings sound noise pollution reduction.

  • Fire Protection, Effective heat shield, Energy Saving, Environment Protection

  • High Acoustic Insulation, Better Home Insulation, Green Building Construction

  • Sound Control, High Strength with Light Weight, Building Life Enhancing

  • Industrial Heat Loss Reduction, Equipment Life Increase 

Heat Loss Calculator
Insulation, Raw Materials, Refractories, Building Materials

Insulation U R Value Heat Loss Calculator

Right Insulation Materials Selection to get most feasible commercial solution. Achieving right combination of Insualtion materials and thickness is most complex decision to achieve lowest heat loss with minimum insulation thickness at various applications and temperatures. Wedge India helps its client to select right combination of Insulation material for various applications based on R Value heat loss calculator software, u p k calculations to find right insulation thickness, achieve target cold face temperature, and minimise heat losses at very low price. We also make energy audits as per requests from our customers. R value calculator delivers best insulation thickness r30 r38 r19 r49 r21 r60 for home and buildings to save cost at high efficiency.

Get Thermal Calculation, Insulation Thickness, Heat Loss

Benefits of Heat Loss Calculator

  • Get right Thickness of Insulation.

  • Find right Insulation Materials Selection.

  • Get lowest cost combination of Insulation System.

  • Get better heat loss reduction decision.

  • Clear view of Energy Saving potential and Energy Audits.

  • Low cost and optimum Furnace Design.

  • Best Energy cost reduction possibilities.

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