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Low price birch plywood calcium silicate gypsum fiber cement board fire bricks aerogel insulation vi

Wedge India is fast growing multinational group company with strong manufacturing support bases in India, UK, Spain, and China specialised in Manufacturing & Supply of good quality insulation products for various building and industrial applications. Main business divisions Foods, Insulation, Building Improvement, Solar Energy, Industrials Wedge india supplies Modern Building Materials, Food & Agri products, High Performance Insulation for both hot and cold applications.

Wedge India is engaged in OEM, Contract, Toll Manufacturing, and Trading of Insulation Materials, Raw Materials, Refractory Materials, Modular Homes, Modern Building and Construction Materials. Sourcing and supply of foam insulation, Rockwool, Refractory Bricks, Cement, Attic Insulation, Garage door Insulation, etc from India.

Wedge Insulation India is leading manufacturer of insulation products system to reduce heat loss save energy cost at low price with wide range of boards, pipe insulation covers, roof and wall insulation, thermal acoustic partitions. Our main Export markets are in more than 45 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia, including India, UK, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Algeria.


Wedge Products

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Wedge Insulation Products

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