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About Us

Wedge Industries Limited is fast growing company supported with our Group's Technical Expertise & Leadership in manufacturing, sourcing, and supply of wide range Nano-materials based high efficiency Insulation Systems for Heat Loss Protection in Industrial Applications, Energy Efficient Building Constructions, and Cold Chain Insulated Logistics.


We at Wedge India continuously upgrading technical features of our insulation products & systems by combining most modern high performance insulation materials to reduce overall operational cost & enhance performance of our reputed customers. We offer wide range of nonporous, mesoporous, microporous, and macroporous Insulation Materials. Our goal is to provide low cost energy efficient technology solutions for our customers to reduce cost, wastage, and heat & cold losses.

Wedge India is expanding its footprints in global markets through local toll manufacturing agreements, acquiring potential manufacturing & fabrication units, technology transfer, and deploying latest application engineering technologies. We are fast growing multinational group company with strong manufacturing support bases in India, UK, Spain, Vietnam, and China specialised in Manufacturing & Supply of good quality insulation products for various building and industrial applications in more than 45 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia.


"Our mission is to deliver innovative, high-quality insulation solutions that enhance energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability for our customers. We are committed to continuous improvement, environmental stewardship, and providing exceptional service to meet the diverse needs of our global community."

Industrial Worker


"To be the global leader in innovative and sustainable insulation solutions, enhancing energy efficiency and safety for a greener and more resilient world."

Industrial Worker
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